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Market Sectors Overview

Arts & Education

An extremely challenging environment involving careful planning and co-ordination with the client to ensure zero disruption to the day to day operations of any building often calling for restricted or unsociable working hours. Constant review and discussion of installation technics designed to protect the building aesthetic or historic fabrics some of which may call for the use of alternative methods of fixings that do not cause any damage and require making good. Attention to detail in full co- operation with the client is a critical factor in achieving complete project delivery.

Public Sector

Projects are generally offered on a competitive tender basis which require pretender site visits and extensive submission of full documentation covering all aspects of how the project will be carried out including all costs shown in separate units. Similar to a local authority environment works may need to be done out of hours evenings or weekends with exhaustive drilling restrictions applied where a building may be situated in a residential area. Client liaison and project management is generally through a nominated third party project management consulting organisation who will ensure works are carried out to a strict program of works agreed prior to the start date. Depending of the activity of the building and client budgets financial end of contract penalties may apply if works overrun.

Local Authority

The task of works has to be carefully co-ordinated with the client’s projects managers to ensure all operational procedures are strictly adhered to at all times. Occupied dwellings may require two men working with a clients representative constantly in attendance at all times, drilling and noise restrictions may come in to effect causing an extended program or works. Complete project delivery is achieved by communication with the clients projects team at all levels required.


High end refurbishment projects require patient liaison with the client’s architects and consultants at the design stage and on-going throughout every stage of the project to ensure the client’s requirements are met. Equipment finishes are sampled and agreed before installation with some equipment having to be made bespoke which can vary in material, fabric and colour, all of which need to meet the clients needs and remain compliant with industry standards applicable to the system that is being installed.


Each retail application requires a different levels of attention. One common factor is they are all in areas accessible by the general public so health and safety is essential both for our own staff carrying out the works and for the safety of the public. Full refurbishment works where a store or licenced premises is closed to the general public are carried out to a strict time scale to minimise the down time experienced whilst the premises is closed resulting in loss of trading to the client. High end retail applications require a similar amount of attention to that of high end residential where the finishes of equipment installed need to be agreed prior to installation. Where a client has a global presence and outlet finishes are duplicated some specified equipment needs to be imported into the UK calling for careful co-ordination to ensure compliance to industry standards applicable to the system that is being installed.

Commercial and Corporate

A demanding and often high pressure environment that calls for full time staff resource throughout the project and in many cases includes full time qualified health and safety representation. Each project is either awarded through competitive tender or achieved through our liaison with consultants and architects at design stage to ensure the solution applied fits the requirements. Systems installed may cover a series of buildings in different geographical areas or countries and as such careful planning is required to take into account local variations in operating procedures sometimes including differing cultural processes. Working closely with the projects consultant team and at the same time establishing relationships with the client end user groups is essential to develop a trusting and co-operative environment going forward. Preventative Maintenance partnership programs will be undertaken to ensure the client is fully appraised and receives the level of on going maintenance service they expect.