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Monitoring Independent Living

By Simon Wheeler

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The ever-growing use of Security Cameras is on a substantial rise day by day, with a network of over 5.9 million surveillance systems operated in the UK alone. Recent research, conducted for the British Security Industry Association, elucidates how cameras operated privately to benefit the likes of property protection and crime recognition are now 70 times more common than previous records have shown. Fundamentally, we continue to invest in these resources to protect our valuable assets including cars, properties and most cherished belongings - most importantly, protecting the occupants of the property too.
So, what if we could expand this widespread source of protection and reassurance for use in a more personal application?


Do Manners Cost Security?

By Neil Bain

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Safekeeping of a building and the protection of occupants begins from the outside. With precautions in place to deter criminals away, systems such as key fobs and security cards provide entry through communal doors solitarily for those with possession. Over time, research has acknowledged the benefits of said systems helping to eliminate increasing levels of crime. This said, when working or residing in a large development, it becomes virtually impossible to memorize every individual name and face who holds the relevant access through secured doors.